15 Yoruba Names That Are Of Arabic Origin

Yoruba dancers
Yoruba dancers

In Nigeria and other parts of the world indeed, names are well thought of before giving to a newborn.

Yoruba names are often carefully considered during the week prior to the naming ceremony, as great care is placed upon selecting a name that would not reflect any sort of negativity or disrepute; in other words, selecting a name that previously belonged to a thief or criminal for a Yoruba child is not considered as a wise idea, as it (according to Yoruba philosophy) could result in the child growing up to become a thief or criminal.

Most commonly, the Muslim parents tend to give their children Arabic names sometimes with Yoruba phonetics. But did you know that there are some Yoruba names coined from Arabic words.

1. Bakare
This was coined from the Arabic word “Abubakar”

2. Buraimo
This was derived from the Arabic word “Ibrahim”

3. Disu
This is the Yoruba rendition of the Arabic name Idris.

4. Lamidi
Lamidi was gotten from the word “Abdulhamid,”

5. Muroino or Muraino
Muraino is the Yoruba domestication of Imran.

6. Lasisi
This is gotten from Abdulaziz.

7. Romonu (Raymond).
This is the shortened form of Abdulrahman.

8. Sulu (and Sulufilu)
Well, the “Sulu” in the name is the Yorubaization of Zulkarnain

9. Sumonu
That is Usman.

10. Sunmola
That is derived from Ismaeel.

11. Jinadu
Jinadu comes from the name Junaid

12. Amusa
Amusa is derived from the name Hamzat

13. Oseni
The popular Oseni surname comes from the word Husain

14. Saka
Saka is derived from the name Zakariya

15. Shittu
Shittu is derived from Seth or Seyth, the 3rd and righteous son of Adam and Eve.

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