Man, 47 infected with HIV rapes 12-year-old girl


A 47 year old man believed to be HIV/AIDs positive allegedly raped a 12 year old girl in Kaduna.

The 47 year old man, who is currently in the police custody was said to have raped the girl (name withheld) inside her parent’s room in Ungwan Boro community of Kaduna metropolis.

The man according to a source who did not want to be mentioned forcefully dragged the girl inside the room, pulled off her clothes and raped the helpless girl.

“It happened at about 9 am, met his victim outside cleaning windows, he then asked the girl if her father was at home. She said no. He again asked her for the second time if her mother was around, she answered no.

“And when he discovered that she was alone in the house, he now asked her to come inside the room claiming that he  had a message for her parents, but the girl refused all his antics. Suddenly, the man dragged the girl into the room, forced her down and eventually raped her.

“The most worrisome thing is that the man is HIV positive. When the parent returned from work, they saw the girl crying, and when they inquired to know why she was crying, the girl narrated how the man came to the house and raped her.

“Upon learning about the unfortunate incidence, the father of the girl quickly reported the matter to the police and got the man arrested,” said the source.


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