Here are some celebrities who were born today, 5th December

Keri Hilson (32)

keriShe is an American R&B singer, born in Decatur, Georgia on December 5, 1982.

ABOUT: Songwriter-turned-R&B-superstar who released the debut album In a Perfect World…, which charted at #4 on the Billboard 200.

BEFORE FAME: She started her career at the age of fourteen in the band D’Signe. She was a member of the songwriting team called The Clutch.

TRIVIA: Besides her hit singles, she is known for her acting in the film Think Like a Man in 2012.

FAMILY LIFE: She grew up in a middle-class family in Decatur, Georgia with four other siblings.

Ross Barkley (21)

rossHe is an English footballer, born in Wavertree England, on December 5, 1993.

ABOUT: Midfielder who joined Everton in 2010 and became a member of the English national team in 2013.

BEFORE FAME: He entered Everton’s youth system at the age of 11.

TRIVIA: He was sent on loan to Sheffield Wednesday in 2012 and scored 4 goals in 13 appearances.

FAMILY LIFE: He was born and raised in Wavertree, Liverpool.ASSOCIATED WITHHe joined star forward Wayne Rooney on the English national team in 2013.

Martin Van Buren (79 before death)

vanHe was a former president of United States, born in Kinderhook, New York, on December 5, 1782. Died July 24, 1862

ABOUT: Eighth president of the United States and the first president not of British or Scots-Irish ancestry, as well as the first to be born in the U.S.

BEFORE FAME: He spoke English as a second language with Dutch being his first.TRIVIAHe presided over an economically difficult time in the nation’s history, which was known as the Panic of 1837. Because of this, his political enemies nicknamed him Martin Van Ruin.

FAMILY LIFE: He married his childhood sweetheart and first cousin once removed, Hannah Hoes, in February 1807.

Anthony Martial (19)

tonyHe is a French footballer, born in Essonne, France, on December 5, 1995.

ABOUT: Forward for Manchester United as of the 2015 season who previously played for Lyon and AS Monaco as part of his senior career. He became the highest paid teenager in football history when he signed with Man U.

BEFORE FAME: He was brought up through the CO Les Ulis system from 2001 to 2009 before then moving on to Lyon from 2009 to 2012. He was a part of the French national team for their under 16 through under 21 squads.

TRIVIA: He began playing for the senior French national team in August of 2015.

FAMILY LIFE: He has a daughter with his wife Samantha.

Ronnie O’Sullivan (39)

ronHe is a professional Snooker player, born in Wordsley, England, on December 5, 1975

ABOUT: Snooker player known for his quick style of play and incredible natural talent, he won back-to-back World Snooker Championship in 2012 and 2013.

BEFORE FAME: He attended Wanstead High School in England.

TRIVIA: He won the Shanghai Masters in 2009.FAMILY LIFEHis father served 18 years behind bars for murder.

Bhumibol Adulyadej (87)

kingHe became King of Thailand after his brother, born in Cambridge, on December 5, 1927.

ABOUT: The King of Thailand who began his reign on June 9, 1946. He served under the dictatorships of Plaek Pibulsonggram, Sarit Dhanarajata, and Prem Tinsulanonda.

BEFORE FAME: He became the King of Thailand after his brother was killed by a gunshot wound.

TRIVIA: He reinstated the dominance of Thailand’s monarchy.FAMILY LIFEHis marriage to Queen Sirikit produced four children: Ubol Ratana, Maha Vajralongkorn, Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, and Chulabhorn Walailak.




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